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"I have become more conscious of how I dance, why I do it that way and what are my goals for my evolution as a dancer. I am also more open-minded, not just to technique and dancing approaches: I'm enjoying more than I did dancing with people of all levels, since now I have more tools to see what we can do together." Marta Laurent Veciana - Barcelona, Spain

"Thank you for one of the best learning and community experiences of my life." Mihai to participants at the very first retreat (before he started helping with them)

"Prepare to be transformed as a dancer and as a person." Andrew Smith, Portland, Oregon

“It’s a great networking experience: being surrounded in close quarters by a group of amazing and enthusiastic dancers, most of whom are organizers in their own scenes, can be nothing but helpful. Attending both Andrew's and Mihai's retreats has gotten me more work as a teacher, and more work as a musician, both in ways that I'm aware of and in ways that I'm sure I'm not directly aware of. But mostly I just remember the retreats as a fabulous great time. :)” Solomon Douglas, musician, dance teacher & world traveler

"I can personally testify that Andrew's dance retreats are a first-class awesome experience! I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys dancing, learning, and community.” Solomon Douglas, musician, dance teacher & world traveler

"Andrew's format was a partial inspiration for my putting together a community-oriented workshop weekend that just successfully completed its third year (” Noelle Gray, Manchester, CT

"The one retreat I attended ended up having a huge impact on several business decisions -- basically seeing these people showcase various skills (and attitudes) during the week led Jaya and I to hire them for multiple events:

- We've hired Mike & Laura for several years of teaching at Lindy Focus

- (Since then, I know they've been hired in the Southeast by several other organizers)

- We brought in Mike and Laura for an film shoot

- We brought in Solomon to manage a house band at Lindy Focus VI

- We brought in Solomon to play a one-off event with his band”

.:Michael Gamble, organizer of Lindy Focus, probably the best Lindy event for social dancing in the US

"Andrew's teacher's retreats are truly an inspiration for me. I love hearing how other teachers and dancers think about the learning process. Andrew creates a great atmosphere of sharing. And the people that were there were so creative, generous, and fun to be around. I hope to get to more of them. Thanks to Andrew for giving us this wonderful opportunity!" Bill Borgida, International Lindy Hop Teacher

"It’s always exciting to stumble across dancers with tons of talent and energy, especially those who perhaps haven't hit their peak yet in the rock star arena. That gives us the opportunity to snatch them up ahead of the curve, and help push them into the spotlight they deserve.”

.:Michael Gamble, organizer of Lindy Focus, probably the best Lindy event for social dancing in the US

"The level of commitment & level of participation of all the students in every class is way higher than it is at an ordinary workshop or camp." Solomon Douglas, World Traveling Musician & Dancer

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