Sacramento Teachers Retreat, May 21 - 25

"A turning point in my dance career, for sure." Tamar Rachel Mucha, Florida

Everything you need to know for this retreat can be found on this page. Please browse thru the rest of the website but REMEMBER the rest of the website is meant to give you a general idea for the retreats and there are specific aspects that are not accurate as far as this retreat is concerned (such as the application process).

The Specifics

  • The event starts on Monday, May 21st @ 7pm and goes until Friday, May 25th @ 7pm.

  • There will be a min of 10 & max of 30 participants.

  • This retreat will be open to all levels.

  • This event is open to all styles of dance teachers. Most of the classes will focus on concepts that apply to all forms of dance.

  • Many instructors will have the opportunity to teach a 5-10 minute class while receiving feedback for improvements (see Ted Trainings in schedule for details).

  • A select few instructors might be offered the opportunity to teach a 30-60 minute class.

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  • Join the Facebook Event for updates (registering will also give you email updates).

  • The Sacramento Music Festival will be going on from May 25 - 28. Over 100 bands, 30 bands playing during any single hour of the day. This is one of the highlights of my year. I can't recommend this event enough. Plus, I *usually* can get all the Teachers Retreat participants discounts or even free tickets in return for entertaining the crowds. I say usually because I haven't discussed this with them yet so I can't guarantee it yet for this year (but I have gotten them every year in the past). You are all welcome to stay at my home during the Jazz Jubilee and I will show you around the event. Even if you have to buy a ticket, it is well worth sticking around!

"I always had good feedback about my classes but it was usually an appreciation in the moment for what was taught, but after taking the Teacher's Training, the feedback has been a rousing, unanimous, "please come back and teach again as soon as possible!" The tips I got from the Teacher's Training were sensible little gems that made such a world of difference that I kept thinking, "of course, why didn't I think of that before?" After the training, I was so inspired by a can-do attitude about traveling to teach dance and the joys of sparking up new scenes that other people picked up on it and only a few weeks later I got asked to teach my first workshop weekend in a small startup scene in Edmonton and the week after that at an exchange in Seattle. The Teacher's Training is insightful, challenging, fun and it will work on you like alchemy, sooner or later, you will come out of there a transformed teacher ready to spread your magic." DianeGarceau, Co-Director of Night & Day Dance in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Topics we will cover

Organizing skills:

-Steps needed to become a wealthy dance instructor (without selling out)

-How to organize a successful teaching tour

-How to write a bio that stands out amongst the rest

Teaching skills

-Learn & practice implementing audio, visual, kinesthetic teaching techniques to double or triple the amount of learning that takes place during your classes

-How to keep yourself & your students inspired & passionate about dance

-Methods to teach technique classes that will keep your students excited & coming back for more

-Learn to establish authority

Dancing skills

-Techniques & drills to improve your own dancing (as well as your students)

-Positive & constructive feedback on your dancing (and your teaching)

-Finding your blind spots (things you didn't realize you do well or not so well)

Life skills

- tips on how to look at life to be more effective

- tips on how to lead an even happier life (dancers are already really happy:-)

"I was nudged and challenged to consistently rethink my entire approach to dancing and learning...thereby finding better ways of teaching! Andrew gets to the heart of what it means to teach and through the workshops I went on a journey of peeling away the layers to reveal the purity of movement and communication. My passion for dancing and learning was taken to a whole new level and most important of was a wonderful, joyful celebration of the community we're all a part of. My only concern is...when's the next one?" Kavita Kaul, London, England

Retreat Example Schedule *subject to change


COST - If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with the Teachers Retreat, I will refund your entire Tuition & Food fees.

"I've taken business leadership and personal development classes for years, and seldom gotten as much out of those as I did out of the dance retreat. That's impressive, since those classes are often $3,000-5,000, and the dance retreat smokes 'em all for size and value. Too bad my colleagues don't dance!" Ted Maddry, Seattle, Washington

Due to the last minute decision to run this retreat, I am making it one of the most affordable retreats I offer. With discounts it can be less than half the price of one of my previous retreats.

  • Tuition = $495 ($200 discount: only $295 for 1st 5 leads & 5 follows registered, plus see below for even more discounts)

  • Housing - 1st 20 attendees to pay are guaranteed free housing (This is not luxury housing. You should be comfortable sleeping on couches, mattresses, or futons.)

  • Food = $150 (includes 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners, snacks & drinks)

Total = $645 (as low as $445 with discounts: see below): $200 due upon registering, the rest is due upon arrival at the event.

Discounts Available

  • $200 discount for the first 5 leads & 5 follows to register, then tiered pricing for the remaining 20 (Registration will open April 13th at noon Pacific time).

  • $50 discount for each confirmed participant that attends because you referred them**. This discount is applicable to future retreats as well.***

  • other discounts might be available upon request****

**To confirm that you referred someone, they must fill in Your Full Name on the application form when asked the question, "If someone referred you, what is their name?".

***If you refer someone, you will receive a credit that can be used for any retreat within the next 2 years. Refer several friends and combine the credits.

****I know this is a lot of money for some people and I am willing to help you out if this is an issue. That said, I believe in the value this retreat provides and I feel it can even dramatically increase your wealth. In other words, I feel it is well worth the price, in fact, I think this is a very low price for what it offers. Check the testimonials to see what others have said about it. In conclusion, I am not going to lower the price but I am open to doing some sort of work trade. I was a poor struggling-to-survive dancer at one point so I can sympathize with people who need help in this respect. If money is an issue, I will do my best to work something out for you. Email me at AndrewSutton [at]

"The Thailand Teachers Retreat organized by Andrew Sutton gave me an experience beyond my expectations. I was affected deeply on several levels, thanks to his excellent facilitation and belief in his methods... But more importantly on a personal level, his system was a catalyst that transformed all my fears, hopes and apathy into beliefs, actions and reality. In all my future achievements, be it in the Lindy world or otherwise, I will be sure to include Andrew and this retreat in my acknowledgments." Sing Lim, Jitterbugs Swingapore, 1 Oct 2011


Register first to get the biggest discounts (up to $200 off)!

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Who teaches at the Teacher Training?

Each training is set up a little differently depending on the attendees so I can't tell you for sure exactly who will be teaching what. I can tell you my goal is to make sure that EVERYONE attending is 100% satisfied with at least 75% of the classes and also with their entire experience with the event. I will do what it takes to make sure this happens. So far I have had a very high success rate as you can see from the testimonials on my website from some of the top instructors in the Lindy & Blues dance world.

I can tell you that I will definitely be teaching and I also plan to hire Ted Maddry for his brilliant Teacher Training sessions. I know Ted is not famous in the dance world for teaching dance but as far as training teachers goes, he is the best I have ever seen and I am sure he will be very well known for this soon enough.

All of the attendees will have the chance to teach small 30sec-5min sections of material that they feel passionate about and a few of the attendees might teach slightly longer classes of 10 min or even 30-60 min depending on what they offer and what the group wants to learn.

The event schedule gets revised every night by the attendees based on what they liked/disliked and want to learn more of. Since I can't guarantee a specific schedule, I can only say that I will make it worth your while or I will refund your money 100%.