Cost - Estimated

READ THIS FIRST! Pricing for specific events is at the bottom of this page BUT please read this page before scrolling down. The price for this event is often higher than most Lindy Hop and Blues dancers are used to paying for dance events. At the same time, everyone who has ever attended one has felt that they are definitely worth the price by a long shot. I would hate for someone to lose out on the opportunities gained from attending this event because I didn't help them get into the right mind set before talking pricing. So please read this whole page and really think about how serious you are about your dancing before deciding how much this experience would be worth to you. And if you don't have the money to attend, talk to us before deciding you can't come. We have volunteer/work programs as well as several creative ideas to inspire you.

"I've taken business leadership and personal development classes for years, and seldom gotten as much out of those as I did out of the dance retreat. That's impressive, since those classes are often $3,000-5,000, and the dance retreat smokes 'em all for size and value. Too bad my colleagues don't dance!" Ted Maddry, Seattle, Washington

How much would it be worth for you to have just 1 more student join or stay in your weekly classes each year? What about 5 - 10 students? What if you taught at one more yearly event? What about 3 - 4? What if you got paid an extra $100 - $1000 per weekend workshop you taught at? What if all of the above happened? The higher your level, the more you can take away from this weekend in the way of knowledge on how to bring in and keep more students as well increase your networking and income for future events. The retreat creates an environment that can be a huge investment in your future. Of course, as much as it will help, you will still need to be active in getting what you want. Apply Now and be active in getting it!

Price Comparison (Conversions from Aug 23rd, 2010)

  • Note: We know that the following camps are a full week long where as this Teachers Retreat is 4 days. Please keep in mind that the Teachers Retreat is limited to 12 people where these other events can have several hundred people. And just for the record, we definitely recommend both of the following camps. They are a blast! At the same time, we believe the Teacher's Retreat will give you much more personal attention and take you to a MUCH higher level of dancing, teaching, & organizing than any of the several hundred other camps we have experienced.

Below is the exact costs of one of the camps we organized, June 25 - 29, 2009 @ Beantown Dance Camp.

Example Tuition = $495* - Included free entrance to the entire Beantown Dance Camp

Example Housing & Food = $383* - Included 3 meals per day & housing in a campus dormitory

Total Example Retreat = $878* (or less with discounts)

*The Teachers Retreat costs change depending on location, cost of food, and other factors. We highly recommend that you budget $1000 to be on the safe side, although we have run camps for as low as $500 in the past and we do offer discounts and volunteer/work exchanges. If you are not completely satisfied with the Teachers Retreat, we will refund your entire Retreat cost.

Discounts Available

  • $50 discount for each confirmed participant that attends because you referred them**. This discount is applicable to future retreats as well.***

  • other discounts might be available upon request****

**To confirm that you referred someone, they must fill in Your Full Name on the application form when asked the question, "If someone referred you, what is their name?".

***If you refer someone, you will receive a credit that can be used for any retreat within the next 2 years. Refer several friends and combine the credits.

****Our main goal is to make this event rock. If money is an issue, we will do our best to work something out for you. Just talk to us.

Specific Event Tuition Prices

  • Sacramento May 21-25 = $645 (US)

  • Discounts available for all retreats (see above)

Specific Event Housing Costs

  • Sacramento May 21-25 = 1st 20 participants get free housing