About Us

Andrew Sutton is the founder of The Teachers Retreat (aka "The Get-Together"). In 1998 Andrew started traveling the world for dance and he hasn't stopped since. Last year Andrew spent less than 10 days at home, devoting the rest of his time to traveling all over the world to teach dance and learn more about dancing, teaching, organizing, communication, & self-improvement. Join his newsletter to read his tips on how to improve your dancing, teaching, organizing & more.

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Each retreat has a slightly different staff. To see the staff for your specific retreat, go to the specific retreat you are interested in from the Current Retreats Page.

  • Mihai Banulescu has been a huge part of The Teachers Retreats. He is the founder of The Dance Retreat, an off-shoot of The Get-Together, which has been designed specifically for Blues dancers. He is the founder of Camp Blues, a live in dance camp designed for students as well as aspiring teachers. Mihai has partnered with Andrew on the last couple of Teachers Retreats but he is currently taking a break to focus on other aspects of his career.

Past attendees have all given contributions to the improvement of the retreats and deserve a huge thank you for everything they have done. Past attendees include:

Abigail Browning - Nashville, TN

Alyssa Alden - San Diego, CA

Amanda Hansen - Carlisle, PA

Amber Adams - NY, NY

Amy McIntire - Hinton, WV

Andrew Smith - Portland, OR

Andrew Sutton - A new city every 2 weeks

Angelica Hesse - Portland, OR

Anna Whitmire - Houston, TX

Audrey Womack - Sacramento, CA

Ben Long - Portland, OR

Bill Borgida - Austin, TX

Brenda Russell (aka CK or Collins) - Portland, OR

Campbell Miller - Austin, TX

Clint Luckinbill - Los Angeles, CA

Dan Printz - Sacramento, CA

Dano McKagan - Boulder, CO

Debbie Balsley - currently in Colorado

Drew Ringsmuth - Brisbane, Australia

Emily Jessup - Indianapolis, IN

Fiona Skilling - Leeds, England

Ginesio Di Lauria - Munich, Germany

Harley Wettemann - Sacramento, CA

Jake Haning - Austin, TX

Jaya Dorf - Asheville, NC

Jeff Camozzi - Minneapolis, MN

Jennifer Harry - Lucern, Switzerland

Jeramie Anderson - Washington DC

Jeremy Lightsmith - Seattle, WA

Jesse Hanus - Albany, NY

Karissa Light - Seattle, WA

Kermit Goodman - San Francisco, CA

Larry Peacock - Portland, OR

Laura Glaess - Austin, TX

Lenore Saltz - Austin, TX

Lessa Jay Thieme - Seattle, WA

Liz Camozzi - Minneapolis, MN

Mark Kapner - San Francisco, CA

Marta Laurent Veciana - Barcelona, Spain

Matt Erickson - Sacramento, CA

Megan Adair - Knoxville, TN

Michael Gamble - Asheville, NC

Michelle Richter - San Francisco, CA

Mihai Banulescu - San Francisco, CA

Mike Legett - Knoxville, TN

Mike Roberts - Austin, TX

Morris Childs - Indianapolis, IN

Noelle Gray - Connecticut

Noni Clarke - Melbourne, Australia

Ron Thompson - Sacramento, CA

Sam McKagan - Boulder, CO

Solomon Douglas - Seattle, WA

Tamar Mucha - Ft Lauderdale, FL

Ted Maddry - Seattle, WA

Tim Kask - Zurich, Switzerland

Ulla Wingenfelder - Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you to everyone listed above!!!! It has been a pleasure meeting, working, and dancing with you all!