International & Full Time Teachers FAQ

International & other Full Time Teachers tend to have different questions about the retreat.

Will the other attendees be at my level of dancing, teaching, or organizing?

Most likely, yes. However, occasionally we do have one or two teachers that are clearly at a whole different level than the other participants. No matter what your level is, you will still learn A LOT and find the retreat well worth the value... and that statement comes with a money back guarantee. Out of all the retreats, ALL levels of instructors have always felt it was worth it (so far, crossing fingers :-). Check the testimonials & the About Us to see the level of some of the past attendees who have attended.

Why should I attend a dance event that I have to pay for, when I normally get paid to attend them?

1. There is a HUGE difference between working at a dance event designed for students versus attending a dance event designed for your level of dancing/teaching. Most of you probably haven't even experienced the latter for many years! Do you remember when paying for a dance camp was OBVIOUSLY worth it? Do you remember how much you used to learn and the great feelings you got from those camps? The retreats are designed specifically for international full time teachers, of course, national, local, and aspiring teachers/organizers will also enjoy it immensely. Still the bar is set at a level based on whether or not a full time international instructor will benefit greatly from it. If there is even a slight chance that it won't STRONGLY benefit someone at your level, you will be notified of this before you are confirmed to attend.

2. I believe it is important that we LOVE our job and sometimes it is easy to get used to it and stop caring, stop pushing ourselves to improve, stop LOVING it. This retreat is designed to remind you just how much you love dancing and teaching. To not only think of it as your job but to remember it and experience it as your passion again. This passion will shine through in your teaching for at least a few months after the camp and probably a lot more. Your students and organizers will notice a difference.

3. One of our goals is for you to make more money from your gigs after coming to this camp as well as get more gigs and improve your retention rate of gigs you already have. If you aren't already making $3000 per weekend workshop, and being booked for every single weekend that you want to be booked, than we can definitely help you increase your value. If you are achieving these goals... well, we can probably still help you increase your value as well but we will need to talk more about this before we can commit to it. Apply Now to get started towards increasing your dance income!

Why do I have to apply?

Even if you are one of the top international instructors in the world, it is important to apply so that I can learn enough about you to correctly balance the other attendees and give you the best possible experience.

Please click here and read the general FAQ page too.