"A turning point in my dance career, for sure." Tamar Rachel Mucha, Florida

"I was nudged and challenged to consistently rethink my entire approach to dancing and learning...thereby finding better ways of teaching! Andrew gets to the heart of what it means to teach and through the workshops I went on a journey of peeling away the layers to reveal the purity of movement and communication. My passion for dancing and learning was taken to a whole new level and most important of all...it was a wonderful, joyful celebration of the community we're all a part of. My only concern is...when's the next one?" Kavita Kaul, London, England

"The Thailand Teachers Retreat organized by Andrew Sutton gave me an experience beyond my expectations. I was affected deeply on several levels, thanks to his excellent facilitation and belief in his methods.

- as a dancer I learnt 3 more ways I could excel in moving, as a teacher I learnt 5 new ways to interest and excite my class

But more importantly on a personal level, his system was a catalyst that transformed all my fears, hopes and apathy into beliefs, actions and reality. In all my future achievements, be it in the Lindy world or otherwise, I will be sure to include Andrew and this retreat in my acknowledgments." Sing Lim, Jitterbugs Swingapore, 1 Oct 2011

"I've taken business leadership and personal development classes for years, and seldom gotten as much out of those as I did out of the dance retreat. That's impressive, since those classes are often $3,000-5,000, and the dance retreat smokes 'em all for size and value. Too bad my colleagues don't dance!" Ted Maddry, Seattle, Washington

"The combination of working with the other attendees, social dancing, fantastic live music -- all held together by Andrew's thoughtfully organized leadership -- made our trip to Sacramento a happy and permanent landmark in our personal dance history." Michael Gamble, Co-organizer of Lindy Focus

"The experience, however, went far beyond (my expectations), making me achieve goals I didn't realise I had, and rediscover a level of confidence I hadn't noticed I'd lost... I can't imagine not having gone." Fiona Skilling, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Expect your life as you know it to be pleasantly and necessarily challenged... Expect to get very little sleep, yet still feel energized. Expect to tighten friendships and meet new people who share the same passion. Expect to be sad to go home." Amy McIntire, West Virginia


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"I certainly had my own hesitations about going to this retreat... so I'd like to pass on to anyone else who is considering coming... it is an incredibly intense experience and an incredibly worthwhile one." Ben Long, Micro-Blues Specialist