Dance Teachers and Organizers
(international, local, or aspiring),

Spend 4 days with 6-12 of your dancing peers from around the world, trading dance techniques, improving your teaching & organizing skills, networking with each other, and more. 
  • Continue the learning process at higher levels
  • Improve & Refine your teaching and business skills
  • Get re-inspired and impassioned about dance
  • Network with some amazing people
  • Create action plans, have great discussions, share ideas, and dance!
  • Help bring the dance world to a higher level... Level Up!
"I've taken business leadership and personal development classes for years, and seldom gotten as much out of those as I did out of the dance retreat.  That's impressive, since those classes are often $3,000-5,000, and the dance retreat smokes 'em all for size and value.  Too bad my colleagues don't dance!"  Ted Maddry, Seattle, Washington

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